Puffco Peak E-Rig

Style: Classic Black Edition


Peak Features:

  • Intelligent Temperature Calibration
  • Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Water Filtration
  • 4 Unique User Heat Settings
  • 20-sec Average Heat-up Time
  • Sesh-Mode Functionality
  • 7” High x 2.75” Base
  • 2 Hour Charge Time
  • 30 Dab Average Battery Life
  • Removable Ceramic Bowls
  • LED Light Band 
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Rugged Silicone Base

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Puffco Peak 
  • 1x - Carrying Case
  • 1x - Tether
  • 1x - Cleaning Swabs
  • 1x - Loading Tool
  • 1x - Micro USB Cable & Supercharger
  • 1x - Carb Cab
  • 1x - Extra Ceramic Bowl

How to use the Puffco:

First, add 2-3 oz of water into the top of the Peak, then re-attach the glass onto base. Next, add extract into chamber, and place carb cap on bowl. Turn on Puffco Peak by holding the single button, located at base under bowl for 3 seconds. Click button to cycle through heat settings. Optimal temperature is based on consistency of extract, amount of extract being used and preferred size of hit. Double-click button to start heating element, double-click can also be used at any point during session to activate boost mode. Once unit is heated, haptic feedback will alert you by vibrating twice. After that all you need to do is inhale! After session, quickly swab bowl to keep unit clean.


More about the Puffco:

Beginning in 2013, the company behind the Puffco Peak has been hard at work designing a better way to consume your concentrates. Utilizing design, technology and engineering they have set forth to innovate and improve your experience. They came up with a cleaner, safer and more flavourful device to satisfy even the toughest critics.

The Puffco Peak is a unique, portable, electronic rig that provides water filtration. Sitting 7” tall, its solid and durable silicone base offers security and the hand-blown borosilicate top allows for flawless flavour. Ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike, the Peak is easy to use and has intelligent temperature calibration.

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